Phil Burns

I'm an ex pro goalkeeper from England, and had developed a trapped nerve in my...

I'm an ex pro goalkeeper from England, I arrived in San Diego roughly 5 months ago. As soon as I arrived I developed a trapped nerve in my right shoulder. I visited the doctor who advised a cortisone injection. No help. Next he advised a course of three injections at $600 each injection. Again no help. Acupuncture, deep tissue massage, no help. I spent close to $3500 and no help. The next course of action I was told by the doctor was surgery!! This is when I bumped into Sam, he said he might be able to help me. I thought why not, better than surgery but to be honest I had resigned myself to having the surgery. After I had my initial assessment and treatment with Sam I started to feel the trapped nerve begin to release immediately. After another session 90% better, now four sessions or so thru and we are moving onto different injuries. The trapped nerve is now in the rearview mirror and Sam is working away on all my old injuries I accumulated thru my playing and coaching career. I couldn't recommend Sam and the techniques he uses highly enough. My wife is booked in to see Sam as she has seen first hand what benefit Sam's work has had on me. If you have an injury or weakness that is causing you any type of discomfort or pain, give Sam a go. Money well spent. I'm an English guy and we say what we mean, no bull!!

- Phil Burns