My name is Sam Roe, and I was an MAT client myself as a young athlete growing up near Seattle playing baseball, basketball and soccer at high levels.


I was perpetually injured growing up, always out with a pulled this or a strained that. Shortly after deciding to focus solely on soccer, my most burning passion, I tore a tendon in my leg that sidelined me off and on for almost six months, and took me from playing soccer twenty hours per week to needing my parents' help putting my socks on every morning. After exhausting all traditional methods of rehabilitation without drastic success, I was fortunate enough to become aware of a muscle specialist in Bellevue, a Seattle suburb. 

Not only did this muscle specialist get me back on the soccer field sooner than I had hoped, playing my typical twenty hours per week, but in doing so he allowed me to elevate my playing level beyond what I had thought possible, playing without the worry of injury recurrence for the first time in my life. Having been shown that a life of injury and pain was not inevitable, I decided right then and there that I would dedicate my life to showing as many people as possible the same. 

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