What is MAT™?

Muscle Activation Techniques™ (MAT™) is:

  • a revolutionary approach to the assessment and correction of muscular imbalances, joint instability, and limitations in range of motion (ROM) within the human body.
  • a non-invasive technique, designed to balance the muscular system of people of all ages.
  • a unique systematic format used to "Jumpstart" the muscles in order for them to function with maximum efficiency.

  • the only modality that assesses and solidifies the neuromuscular side of the strength equation. 

Who is Muscle Activation Techniques™ for? 

MAT™ is effective for everyone from elite athletes to rehabilitation patients, and anyone in between. MAT™ has been successfully implemented with professional athletes (NFL, NBA, NHL, CFL, PGA, etc.) in clinical rehabilitative, personal training, and countless other settings. It has also helped weekend warriors and everyday people across the world move with more comfort and ease, recover faster, feel stronger and perform better in all facets of their lives.


Greg Roskopf's Muscle Activation Techniques™ is growing rapidly across the globe. If you're a gym rat, you need to watch these three videos where fitness and exercise moguls are raving about the necessity of including MAT™ in your life.

Here are just a few of the professional athletes that have found MAT to be an invaluable tool contributing to the longevity of their careers and quality of their lives, as well as other articles attesting to the efficacy of MAT

NFL's Raiders and 49'ers


Seattle Reign and USWNT goalkeeper Hope Solo


Former NFL Quarterback Peyton Manning


NFL Quarterback Carson Palmer


PGA Golfer Ty Walker & former NFL Quarterback Chris Simms


NFL's Odell Beckham Jr. and Rashad Jennings


WWE's Daniel Bryan


MLB's Russell Martin, Justin Morneau and Travis Snider


Runner's World Magazine