If you

  • have muscle-related injuries in need of attention

  • are looking to remain injury-free in the future

  • want/need your body to function optimally

you are in the right place!

Just read some of these testimonials Kinetic Performance clients have shared.

  • I'm an ex pro goalkeeper from England, I arrived in San Diego roughly 5 months ago. As soon as I arrived I developed a trapped nerve in my right shoulder. I visited the doctor who advised a cortisone injection. No help. Next he advised a course of three injections at $600 each injection. Again no help. Acupuncture, deep tissue masssage, no help. I spent close to $3500 and no help. The next course of action I was told by the doctor was surgery!! This is when I bumped into Sam, he said he might be able to help me. I thought why not, better than surgery but to be honest I had resigned myself to having the surgery. After I had my initial assessment and treatment with Sam I started to feel the trapped nerve begin to release immediately. After another session 90% better, now four sessions or so thru and we are moving onto different injuries. The trapped nerve is now in the rearview mirror and Sam is working away on all my old injuries I accumulated thru my playing and coaching career. I couldn't recommend Sam and the techniques he uses highly enough. My wife is booked in to see Sam as she has seen first hand what benefit Sam's work has had on me. If you have an injury or weakness that is causing you any type of discomfort or pain, give Sam a go. Money well spent. I'm an English guy and we say what we mean, no bull!!
    — Phil Burns
  • Amazing! Had really bad problems with my ankles from soccer, I would roll them constantly, Sam came in and fixed it right up, havent had problems with my ankles since! Awesome experience in a professional and friendly atmosphere.
    — Julian Bajko
  • I've been coming here since season began with the San Diego Sea Lions, there is a lot to say about how great this place is but every year during season I have struggled with soreness and muscle fatigue, which has lead to minor injuries during season. This has been the first year that I haven't had any minor injuries that have kept me off the field. I know the reason is because of my treatment here at Kinetic Performance. Sam has done an incredible job with our players. Thank you for all the support and effort Kinetic Performance!!!
    — Rosie Colón
  • As a competitive soccer player (who also engages in various sports and activities), I used to find myself plagued and frustrated by multiple muscular injuries which prevented me from playing soccer and doing other things I enjoy. That was before I met Sam and was introduced to MAT. I started off doing a couple sessions a week for the first few months. It has been 10 months since my first session, and I have had NO muscular injuries to date. In addition, I feel much stronger than I have in a long time and am able to play soccer and perform other activities free of pain. I strongly recommend Sam AND MAT to anyone who leads an active lifestyle.
    — Nick Carvalho
  • I have been working with Sam for over a month now and it has been incredible. As a chiropractor, I have had experience with all types of therapies but his MAT work is so different. I notice immediate changes in how I feel after a session. I have better range of motion and any tight areas seem to be relaxed and out of pain. Even if you think you've tried everything, give Sam a try- I guarantee you will see a difference!
    — Ashley M.
  • Sam is fantastic! What a great experience. I'm looking to stay strong in my core and flexible and Sam is helping me do that! Get in to see Sam!
    — Landon L.
  • I have been working with Sam for the last year and a half and I can say confidently that I will be a client for life. He is not only an intelligent professional, but an individual who is passionate about his craft. As an active individual who trains Brazilian Jujitsu and rugby, I tend to come in pretty messed up, but I always leave feeling like a new man. Sam always seems to have the solutions to my problems. If you are on the fence about reaching out, don't be! I don't go anywhere else for issues with or questions about my body. Worth. every. single. penny.
    — Carlos Munoz
  • I visited kinetic performance and was impressed with the quality of service and level of knowledge that I received from Sam Roe. He really has a deep understanding for how the body works and knows how to identify areas that are in need of improvement. His approach starts with a diagnostic of the body and then he creates a custom treatment plan for his clients based on his discoveries. Muscle Activation Technique is a great way to get athletes to where they want to be physically and is ideal for anyone looking to increase their flexibility and strength, regardless of their level of athleticism
    — Laurel H.
  • Sam took the time to help develop a plan for my wife's disabilitues. He was patient and showed his genuine concern for his clients well being. I would strongly recommend him to anyone seeking better health.
    — Paul S.
  • Really helped relieve what I thought was going to be chronic pain, and got me back on the basketball court.
    — Mark R.
  • After 20 years of chronic elbow tendinitis, I decided it was worth trying something different, and, I'm so happy that I did! I had been a "traditional" patient seeing doctors and physical therapists to treat my condition over the years. When I first started seeing Sam for Muscle Activation Technique (MAT) I could barely move my left arm it was so painful. After a few sessions, the pain decreased so much and I could actually use my arm again. What I really like about MAT is that it is non-invasive unlike the cortisone shots I tried. Sam worked his MAT magic and showed me strengthening exercises to keep the muscles activated. Thanks to Sam, I am back to exercising, gardening, yoga, cooking and all the things that I hadn't done for years!
    — Kathy N.


My mission at Kinetic Performance is to help you get back to what moves you. Experience has shown me that my clients' potentials often far exceed their imaginations, and it is my goal to help you discover and experience a new reality. I believe that with the proper education, Muscle Activation Techniques treatments and exercise programming, you will be able to move through the world with greater comfort, strength, agility, speed, power, recovery, and balance than you may have previously thought possible. 

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Muscle Activation Techniques

Muscle Activation Techniques is a unique, systematic process designed to seek out and eliminate muscular imbalances.

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Isophit Strength Training

ISOPHIT uniquely harnesses the scientifically proven benefits of isometric strength training like nothing else in the industry. 

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