High Intensity Isometric Interval Training

The Foundat10n H.I.I.I.T. program has been a key part of keeping me strong, healthy, and able to take on both fitness and other challenges life throws my way. I recover faster from injuries and am able to safely and comfortably push my body thanks to this program. The class is also time efficient and well organized. I’ve been a fitness enthusiast for several decades, and this program is absolutely one of a kind in all the best ways. There’s nothing else like it in San Diego.”

What people are saying

“HIIIT has been one of the best things that has ever happened to me!  I have been going to HIIIT classes every weekend for about the past 7 months now and I have not felt this good in years.  I lost 50 pounds and almost 50 inches total all over my body and I have not been this fit or gotten down to this weight since high school which was over 20 years ago!  I pretty much do the HIIIT classes exclusively besides some inconsistent pushups, sit-ups, leg lifts and planking at home during the week. I love all of the trainers. They are extremely knowledgeable, hold me accountable, and help keep me motivated every week.  The classes make me feel so good it has become an addiction.  I feel like I have tried every workout known to man in the past and this has been the one thing that has really helped me drop the weight and start toning up.  I have never had such toned arms in my life and am so happy to show off my guns and get in a bikini this summer!  The results have been absolutely amazing and I cannot recommend the classes enough.  Do yourself a favor and join me for a HIIIT class, you will not regret it!!”

“H.I.I.I.T. is the most efficient and results oriented workout I have ever done. After the initial feeling of fatigue after the workout, I feel revitalized throughout the rest of the day. In the last four workouts, I have lost five pounds and lowered my blood pressure. It is a weekly must have in my workout toolbox.”