You only help people who are injured, right?

Wrong! We work to optimize your neuromuscular system, a crucial part of the fitness and exercise continuum that is often overlooked by personal trainers. If you aren't injured, you are simply a step or two ahead of those who are in pain. Optimization of your neuromuscular system is best used to help dial in workouts and make sure that you get the most complete experience whenever you exercise.

Okay, well what if I am injured? Can you fix me?

At Trident Training, we are not licensed medical practitioners, and therefore we are not officially allowed to say we "fix" any injuries or ailments. Our work does not directly heal the tissues that are injured. However, improving muscular function throughout the body, reducing and removing the need for compensation, and increasing your force tolerance will take inappropriate stress off the injured tissue, restoring your body to a more balanced state that is hospitable to its natural healing process. e

What should I wear to a session?

General athletic wear; sweat pants, shorts, or anything that will not restrict your mobility. Jeans, slacks, and button up shirts are discouraged. For footwear, you will be removing your shoes at the beginning of each session, therefore the type of shoe you wear is inconsequential.

When should I show up for a session?

Plan to show up however early you need to change, grab some water, use the restroom, and mentally prepare yourself for the session. Our clients have found that showing up around 10 minutes in advance is ideal.

How long are sessions?

Our consultation is 60 minutes at most, but usually runs about 30-45 minutes with most people. The first step, the initial assessment session, runs 90 minutes. Regular session length varies anywhere from 30-90 minutes, dependent upon the contents of the session. We will specify which length each session will be.

How long does it take to see results?

This is the answer nobody wants to hear, but it depends. This is a process, and it is as much about how well we do working together in the facility as how you spend your time out of the gym. If you inhale fast food, live a lethargic lifestyle, and are consistently stressed out, this process will take longer than if none of those were the case.

What forms of payment do you accept?

You can pay with cash, check, or card. Bounced checks will incur an extra $25 charge.

Does your work conflict with that of other practitioners like chriopractors, physical therapists, etc?

Nope! We have the unique ability to work as an adjunct to every modality out there. Every practitioner can see their clients' responsivness increase when we work together. We offer different benefits and therefore don't consider ourselves to be in competition with any other methodologies!