Muscles F.C. Part 2

Once Muscle Activation Techniques has been employed to bring all of your players back onto the field (see Muscles F.C. Part One), your chances of winning have dramatically increased, while your chance of injury and fatigue plummet. 

But there are still going to be teams out there that are better than yours, either because they take advantage of your team's weaknesses or because they just plain overpower you. But luckily, MAT is only the first step of your team's training. 

Once the team's numbers have been restored to full strength through MAT, the next step is to improve the skill levels of the individual players. Any number of drills can be used to achieve this end. The team is only as strong as its weakest link, so training the weakest player to bring him/her up to the level of the best player will in turn protect against those teams that target and exploit your weakest links. By increasing the skill level of all the individual players, your team can help to stave off defeat by those opposing teams that just plain overpower yours. Raising the operating potential of the players as individuals is inextricably linked to an increase in the team's potential. 

MAT is a fantastic tool for restoring the efficiency of neuromuscular communication, but it has its limit. While it allows your brain to access the full contractile potential of the muscle tissues present, it can't increase the sheer amount of muscle tissues available. Enter appropriately applied precise resistance training. 

Using thorough knowledge of biomechanics and anatomy in combination with the precision afforded by certain types of equipment, one can devise exercises to emphasize specific muscles' roles in an exercise and incite hypertrophy. Every muscle in the body has some sort of role in moving certain bones in all of the three planes of motion. By using exercises that require motion in one or more of these planes simultaneously, we can emphasize a certain muscle over others.  

This raises the maximum force production capabilities of your muscular system, and when combined with MAT, we can ensure you have continued and consistent access to all of this newfound potential. 

Once your team (body) has a full eleven on the field and subs to boot, and its individual players (muscles) have had their skills (force production) improved, the team will see an increase in its potential and can begin to win games more consistently. It is now getting easier and easier to win against those teams (tasks) that were still able to beat your team even when it was restored to full numbers (through MAT). 

But some teams are still able to eke out a victory against your side. Luckily, there is a third step in the training continuum that will make you next to unbeatable. Stay tuned! 

Samuel RoeTrident Training