Muscles F.C Part 3

The third step in training your muscles to work together as a team.

You can have the best players in the world on your team, but they can still be beaten if playing against a team that is well drilled and works well as a unit. 

After restoring your squad to its full numbers with MAT, and then improving the players individually through resistance training, we use functional, goal-oriented integrative training to teach you the best ways to perform tasks.

Recently, an elderly client came to me because her lower back hurt when she got up out of her favorite chair. After using MAT and resistance training to make sure her muscular system had the best possible individual pieces at its disposal, I then spent a few sessions teaching her how to get up in the most optimal manner.

In her case, she wasn't using her arms enough to help her push off at the right time, therefore her lower back was picking up the slack, doing significantly more work and getting tired far more quickly than it should have been. So we practiced getting up, over and over, breaking the motion down into stages and practicing it until she was getting up with no pain in her lower back whatsoever.

On the other end of the spectrum is another client, a basketball player, who wants to increase his explosiveness, specifically in side to side cuts and his vertical jump. With him we used the same tools, MAT and resistance training, to make sure the constituent parts were working optimally. Then we moved on to improving his technique, maximizing elastic energy buildup in his trunk, hips, and arms before unleashing them in an explosive cut or jump. 

Accompanying this goal-oriented, technique heavy training with MAT and resistance training throughout is crucial. This allows us to ensure that the muscles all remain recruitable, as well as allowing us to continue to build output of specific muscles and motions that can best influence the goal. 

Now your team has plenty of players and substitutes that are not only improved as individual players, but can work together as a team. This means that even the most difficult teams to beat can be taken head on and conquered, teams that you may not have been able to beat before! 

Samuel Roe